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Day Three - 2022 NAHRA Invitational

June 18, 2022 5:08 PM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

Today is the final day of testing.  The fifth and final test is the Alaska Equine & Small Animal Hospital upland series.  This series is a chukar hunt.  The handler enters the field from the road where the dog is to begin hunting the field about half way through the field he is then joined by the gunners as the dog continues the hunt.  Once the dog is within approximately 10 yards of the bird the bird is flushed.  

Brody & Scott Rae getting the job done.

After the morning hunt, we all waited for the final results from the judges. It had been a long week for all of us with travel, pre-event training, and three days of testing. New friends were made, and catching up with old friends was done. This week will be one that will be remembered by all that participated. 

And the results of the 2022 NAHRA Invitational:

Glory & John GilbertShelby & Micah JassmannFaith & Harry WilliamsHank & Larry HousemannTic & Jesse FurmannTwoey & Jon GravningBrody & Scott RaeIndie & Ron StahlToby & Alan BlackNewman & Larry HousemannMieka & Dick OfstedalSummer & Joe GrohsLove & Harry Williams

Congratulations to all!

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