2022 NAHRA InVitational

Dave Combs (Geneva, NY)

I grew up with Labradors, but never got serious with training until my 20’s when I joined the Leatherstocking Hunting Retriever Association, and I have been an active member since 1999.  Since then, I have put much time and effort into the club, holding most positions on the BOD, as well as chairing several tests, including the 2015 Invitational.

When I started training, I only got involved because I wanted a good dog to hunt with, and that is still true now more than ever. However, the friendships and opportunities that come along with running NAHRA have been one of the highlights of my life. Having several GMHR’s to my credit, along with a couple invitational passes over the span of the last 20+ years, I credit my involvement and commitment to the NAHRA program to the overall membership. With all the like-minded people coming together for the same purpose and being able to learn, and teach one another, this has truly been a great experience for me.

I am employed with Cornell University as a research specialist in plant pathology working mainly on grapevine diseases.  My teenage daughter Kaitlyn has also taken on a love for the outdoors and has also started running dogs and hunting.

Patsy Hove (Oakdale, MN)

Welcome and Congratulations on qualifying for the 2022 NAHRA Invitational! My name is Patsy Hove, and I will be one of the judges for the Invitational. I have three children, seven grandkids and two dogs, Ava, and BJ. I live in Minnesota, the twin cities area and am a member of the Four Points Retriever Club. I first got started in NAHRA around 2000, when Belle came into our lives as a puppy. She was an amazing dog, both at hunting and playing the hunt test games, she also was my husband Dan’s dog, and he was not good about sharing her. After about a year I finally said enough I want my own dog. Grace was my first dog, and we had a wonderful time together playing hunt test games, training, and hunting. Our two dogs, quickly turned into seven dogs and we spent every free minute training, testing, and hunting. In 2012 Dan became ill with pancreatic cancer. Our lives changed forever, and the dogs went by the wayside as Dan fought a very courageous battle which ended May of 2019. With the support of FPRC and some incredibly good friends, I came back to NAHRA this summer with my crazy Ava. I am looking forward to what the future has in store for us.

After competing in several Invitationals and being on many Invitational planning committees, I understand the time, commitment, and work that goes into it. Believe me when I say it is a lot of work. Please thank your invitational committee when you see them.

I am honored and feel very blessed to have been chosen to judge by the 2022 NAHRA invitational committee to in this year’s invitational. Here is to a great test, good dog work and a fun time for all!

Tedd Snodgrass (Spokane, WA)

I have been a NAHRA member since 1985 (I think continuously, but I could have missed a year, don’t think so). Seems like I ran a dog and helped at many field tests up to about 1991 (qed at the Invitational in Culpepper that year). Intermittently helped with tests and ran dogs through approx.. 2001. I must have run dogs in this period since I had 2 in the Edmonton, Alberta Invitational, could have done better though. I was one of the judges at the 2001 Invitational for Bonnie Moothart and her crew of stalwarts at Ames, Iowa. Simply helped with club tests through about 2012 when I started another puppy. Went to the 2017 Invitational in the Belfair, Wa area. Someone there thought we should have done better during the first series, so I got to watch from then on. Have been running a few times a year since then.

Through these efforts, I have had (still have one, and am working on a future MHR) 4 MHRs 2 males, 2 females, all black. Have amassed a few judging points and made several good friends. I have always thought that we (NAHRA) had the best game available and drew many great people. It is my honor to judge for you at the 2022 Invitational. Good Luck to all.

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